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At the upper levels of three-day eventing sponsorship is a necessity.

Sponsorship can be provided in numerous forms - monetary, horse ownership, product sponsorship.


How Contributing Benefits You or Your Business:

• Establishes a relationship with an up and coming American athlete who is competing at the top levels of this sport.

• Provides a regional representative from the Southeast exposing your name or your company’s name to a target market, while providing a tax deduction through donation to the American Horse Trials Foundation 501 (c) (3) organization.

• Allows admittance to restricted sponsor’s booths and tents at major competitions.

• Provides an opportunity to create awareness of your company through placement on riding apparel, saddle pads, horse trailer and/or truck, stabling area, etc.

• Strengthens the sport of combined training in Northwest Alabama and surrounding areas.



Sponsorship Funding Will:

Allow Jennifer to continue campaigning talented equine partners at quality competitions around the country with high visability. Her continued development as a rider strengthens her teaching skills and enable her to “bring back” upper level eventing knowledge to the surrounding area. American athletes rely heavily on private and corporate sponsorship to assist with financial strains.

Jennifer is a member of the American Horse Trials Foundation. The American Horse Trials Foundation is a non-profit corporation established to assist Three Day Event Riders and Organizers in raising tax deductible financial support for national and international competition. The American Horse Trials Foundation has been granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All contributions are deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.  Donations should be directed to the American Horse Trials Foundation, Inc.

American Horse Trials Foundation:  www.ahtf3day.org

Jennifer has been fortunate to have worked with and been sponsored by Purina Mills and Mojo joint supplement.


Purina representatives came to the farm in the spring of 2005 and introduced me to a relatively new feed that had been developed. I was very interested in trying "Ultium" for Ted, who at the time, was preparing for a CCI**.  I had been feeding Ted large quantities of sweet feed to keep weight on during the strenuous conditioning. So, the idea of feeding a smaller amount of this high fat, high fiber performance feed was appealing to me. Purina generously began product sponsorship at this time and our relationship has continued to develop. Ultium has by far been the best feed I have ever fed my horses.

I visited Purina Mills in St. Louis, MO in July of 2006. There I toured the facility and learned a tremendous amount about Purina's research and development. Their strict procedures to insure the highest quality product was very impressive. I became more educated with the entire equine product line. The more I learn about Purina, the more grateful I am to be affiliated with this line of feed.




I started two of my upper level horses on Mojo is 2005. Both horses were very comfortable and had increased range of motion particularly in their shoulder and hip. I am so convinced that Mojo has benefited these two advanced level horses that I now start my younger novice level horses on Mojo to maintain and promote healthy joint function. I strongly recommend Mojo Joint Supplement for eventing horses of all levels. Analyze Mojo’s label and I am sure you will recognize why this is a superior joint supplement with additional equine health benefits.   -Jennifer


Mojo was developed for Horse People by Horse People to aid the competitive, geriatric and arthritic horse with freedom of movement, stress fractures, splints, inflammation of the joints, immune health and circulation.  Mojo is loaded with ingredients at recommended levels to repair and prevent many of the aliments that plague the performance horse.




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email:  jenohmes@hotmail.com      Cell: 816-810-0828