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Photo Gallery


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"Ted"  2005  CCI***Foxhall Cup Ted"   2005  CCI*** Foxhall Cup "Ted" 2006 Pine Top Advanced

Ironman         2006 Advanced

Ironman          2006 Advanced


"Perseverance"  2003 Virginia CCI**

Ironman           2006 Advanced

"Ted"  2004  Intermediate

"Fuerst Edition" 2006 Rocking Horse HT

"Sneaky Regent"   2006 Kentucky


"Jake-Up"         2006 Kentucky

"Ted"                   2005 Poplar Place CIC***

"Perseverance"            2003 Red Hills HT

   "Ted"                    2005 Red Hills CIC***


"Kodak Moment"   2005 Kentucky

"Disco Kate"     2007 River Glen 

"Kodak Moment"  2006 Florida Horse Park

"Ted"                    2005  CCI***Foxhall Cup

"Outward Appearance"
2014 River Glen


"Sneaky Regent"   2006 Kentucky

"Simply Sublime" 2007 American Eventing Championships

"Fuerst Edition"  2006 Poplar Place

"Nonesuch Mack" 2005 Kentucky

 "Phocus"        2005 Kentucky

"Outward Appearance"
2013 Kentucky


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