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Combined Training is an equestrian sport consisting of three phases: Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping. 3-Day Eventing is the ultimate test for horse and rider. Since 1912 the 3-day has been a sanctiond equestrian sport of the Olympic Games. The event originated from the military’s training of its cavalry horses and riders.

Phase One - The Dressage Test

Dressage tests the horse’s obedience, movement, and grace through the use of a standard dressage test that all competitors perform in front of a judge.

Phase Two - The Cross Country Test

This the most demanding of the 3 phases. This challenges the horse and rider both physically and mentally. The cross country jumping course requires much galloping with the ability to shift into a canter to negotiate various jumping obstacles over changing terrain. The object of the endurance day is to complete the course within optimum time and without jump faults. Day two requires that the horse and rider have not only the ability, but the trust in one another to successfully complete the challenge.

Phase Three - The Show Jumping Test

After the stress of day two, the show jumping course tests the pair’s ability to demonstrate control of pace while maintaining strong and accurate jumping over brightly colored obstacles in a show ring.

Levels of Competition
Beginner Novice
CIC** & CCI**
CIC*** & CCI***
CIC**** & CCI****
CCI***** - Olympic Level

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