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Jennifer was introduced to riding by her mother at a young age. At the age of 8 she joined the United States Pony Club and in 1995 became an HA graduate of the Mill Creek Pony Club. One of Jennifer's most memorable experiences as an USPC member was her participation in the overseas representation of the 1994 USPC Tetrathalon team. She was one of five American females picked to compete in England, Scotland and Ireland in the combination sport of running, swimming, shooting and riding. ( In Europe the riding consisted of x-c course riding at the Preliminary level)

   Jennifer & "Ted" 2005 Foxhall Cup CCI**


Jennifer is a 1997 graduate of Kansas State University with a BS in Mass Communication - Advertising. She worked a "real job" for a few years as graphic designer and competed her new horse Limited Edition, "Ted" at the lower levels of eventing before becoming interested in upper level competition.

Jennifer assisted the organization of an USEA horse trials in Kansas City for a number of years.  She held a position on the Board of Directors for the Longview Horse Park during the period of time the park requested and received state and federal grants for renovation and construction.

In 2002, Jennifer and Ted began working with Jim Graham in Florence, AL. The pair quickly moved to the Intermediate level and gained experience at the CIC** and CCI** level. After the 2005 Foxhall Cup, Jennifer was long listed for the United States Equestrian Team. In 2006, Jennifer competed both Ted and her other horse "Ironman" at the Advanced level. Over the five year period that Jennifer worked with Jim, she gained valuable experience training  numerous horses and competing more than 25 different mounts.

While Ted and Ironman have now been retired from competition, Jennifer has  been competing an exciting eventing prospect named "Outward Appearance" at the Novice level.

"I have found riding the talented young green horses to be so exciting. The progress they make from day-to-day and competition-to-competition is obvious. Riding a green 4 yr old at their first competition can be as much fun, as challenging and as rewarding as riding an Intermediate or Advanced horse. "

In  2008, Jennifer traveled to Baltimore and successfully completed her assessment for  the USEA Instructor Certification Program Level II certification.

Jennifer teaches and trains part-time, competes and travels out of town to conduct weekend riding clinics.

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